Hebron University participates in a study visit to Canterbury University, Britain

As part of the Language Arts Pre-service Teacher Education Development Program, Dr. Mohammed Farrah, chairperson of the English department, participated in a successful study visit to Canterbury Christ Church University in Britain from 14/10/2012 to 24/10/2012

The study aimed to:

-          review the Program outputs (curriculum framework, intended learning outcomes, course descriptions, teaching strategies manuals, ICT materials).

-           make necessary revisions the outputs in the light of this review.

-          complete the Quality Assurance Plan for the project

-          prepare draft copies of the final versions of the outputs for printing in Palestine

-          make preparations for the final end-of-project dissemination workshop

It is worth mentioning this is the final stage of the Language Arts Project. During this project, five training workshops were held and three study visit to Britain. A final session for disseminating the results will be held on 17th December 2012 in Palestine.