Hebron University Concludes Workshops on Class Management and Methods of Teaching

Hebron University Concludes Workshops on Class Management and Methods of Teaching

Mr. Andrew Foster (English Project Manager in the British Council) and Miss Faten Husari (English Project Coordinator) visited Hebron University and met Dr. Mohammed Farrah, (Chairman of the English Department) and Mr. Abd El-Karim Haddad (coordinator of the workshops). They discussed the interesting experiences of these workshops and future cooperation. Then, the British Council and the English Department at Hebron University concluded a series of workshops on methods of teaching English language skills and class management. The activities of these workshops started on Sunday 20th January 2013 and ended on Thursday 24/04/2013. The trainer in these workshops was Juleitta Schonmann who has extensive teacher training experience.


Twenty five students from the English Department (fourth year students) and a number of faculty staff from the English Department and the Language Center attended these workshops.


These workshops aimed to prepare students soon to graduate from the English department by introducing them to ways of understanding English language that will help learners, and methods of teaching that allow students to comprehend English and practice skills in the classroom.


The workshops also included a brief introduction to the main skills that learners need to communicate. Trainees were encouraged to focus on how they can enable learners to use English for meaningful communication. This included the use of English in the classroom, presenting new language, giving instructions, and how to stage a lesson. The training incorporated methods that demonstrate ways by which teachers can maintain students’ interest and involvement.


At the end of the workshops, Council Mr. Andrew Foster presented certificates to the students who attended the workshops. Dr. Mohammed Farrah and Mr. Abd El-Karim Haddad thanked the trainer for her beneficial presentations which aroused the interest and approval of the students and instructors of the English Department and the British Council for their continuous support for the English Department.