The Legal Clinic of Hebron University Concludes its course on French Language

Hebron, Palestine, 31 July 2012— The Legal Clinic of Hebron University (HU) concluded the French language course that targeted law students. This training was conducted in cooperation with the Resource Center of Teaching French Language (CRLF) at the university with the view to improve language skills of students, and to develop their abilities to peruse studies at French-speaking universities. 

Dr. Mutaz Qafisheh, Professor of International Law and Director of Legal Clinic, said that this training paves the way for students to continue studying French and to communicate with French speakers. This course included aspects of the Francophone culture, legal terminology in French, and a background on the French juridical system. During the session, a number of students expressed desire to complete their higher education in France.

This training, which included 25 trainees from the third and fourth-year law students, extended for six consecutive weeks, June-July 2012, with 50-hour intensive program. At the end the training, students acquired participation certificates from the Legal Clinic and the CRLF. Dr. Ibrahim Melouki, Professor of French at HU, taught in this course, which was coordinated by Mr. Hendam Rjoub, Researcher at the Legal Clinic.


The course is funded by UNDP as part of its support to the Legal Clinic of Hebron University. The Clinic trains law students to provide pro-bono legal services, to build their capacity to practice law, learn lawyering skills before graduation, to raise public awareness on human rights, rule of law and values of justice in Palestine.