Hebron University participates in the 2nd international conference on

“Perspectives on language Literature and translation” at Zarqa University in Jordan 28-29 March, 2012.

Professor Ahmad Atawneh represented the English Department of Hebron University by presenting a research paper in the conference under title:

“The Psychology of language and power in the Middle East: The case of Gaza War”

He also gave an academic speech on behalf of the conference participants in the opening session after the speech of the Ministry of Culture in Jordan and that of the President of Zaraqa University. He also chaired the first session on Thursday.

The sessions on the first day were concluded by a meeting of the Association of Professors of English at the Arab Universities where the associations had elections of a new board of representative from Arab Countries. Professor Atawneh was nominated by Professor Jihad Hamdan, the president, and was elected Vice President and representative of Palestinian Universities in the Association APE TAU.