Hebron University Concludes Teachers’ Training Workshops

The British Council and the English Department have concluded a Teachers’ Training workshop. The activities of these workshops started on Sunday 29th January 2012 and ended on Thursday 2/2/2012 with a total of twenty-five training hours.This course involved the British teachers’ trainer, Mr. Edward Russell and our local co-trainer, Mr. Ahmad Suleiman.

These workshops aimed to prepare students soon to graduate from the English department by introducing them to ways of understanding English language that will help learners, and methods of teaching that allow students to comprehend English and practice skills in the classroom. This included the use of English in the classroom, presenting new language, giving instructions, and how to stage a lesson as well as error corrections. The training incorporated methods that demonstrate ways by which teachers can maintain students’ interest and involvement.

Twenty Four of graduates from the English Department have enjoyed the motivating experience that enhanced their knowledge of the latest methods of teaching English to Palestinian students of all levels.