Excellence team visit to Portland State University in Oregon USA

Professor Ahmad Atawneh, the director of the Excellence Center,  Dr. Mai Al-magathi, and Dr. Muhannad AlJabari returned from a visit to the Academic Center for Excellence at Portland State University in Oregon USA during the period from January 18-Jnauary 28, 2012.

The visit was organized and funded by the AmidEast to support the activities of the center at Hebron University.   

In that visit, the team had intensive meetings and workshops with specialized professors in the following fields which will be of great benefit to the training of Hebron University Teachers:

  1. Yves Labissiere, Associate Professor in University Studies, PSU: How undergraduate education creates students centered learning instruction, program structure, use of peer mentors and learning assessment.
  2. Dannelle Stevens, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, PSU. Use of rubrics as a strategy to assess student learning and create a student-centered classroom.
  3. Celine Fitzmaurice, Capstone instructor, PSU: Distinctive features of capstones and faculty development, exploring classroom strategies that promote student engagement.
  4. Janelle Voegele, Assistant Director for teaching, learning and Assessment, PSU: Classroom support and methodologies.
  5. Leslie McBride, associate Vice Provost for Assessment, Janelle Voegele: Facilitated discussion: Course design
  6. Mcihael Chamberlain, Instructional designer, and Mark Terui, Instructional designer, and Amy Hofer, Center for Online Learning: Faculty Development to support online instruction.
  7. Christopher Carey: Classroom Visit: University Studies Globalization
  8. Keith Walters, Professor of Applied Linguistics: writing for publications
  9. Mitch Crusan, Classroom Visit: Biology Evolution
  10.  Mitch Crusan, Using tools to engage students in large classes.
  11.  Dannelle Stevens, Building a plan for Action Research
  12.  Tyler Matta, Rowanna Carpenter, Student learning assessment
  13.  Shella Martin: Institute  of Portland Metropolitan Studies.