Thesis Defense

The thesis of Mr. Nihad Qabaja under the title

Comparative Study of Complementing in English between American Native Speakers and EFL Palestinian Teachers in Hebron

in the program of MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL was defended.

The thesis was a comparative study in complementing as a branch of pragmatics. The findings show differences between Americans and Palestinian EFL teachers in relation to lexis, structure, age and gender.

It was found that the rules of complementing and pragmatics were not given enough attention by Palestinian teachers and textbook writers. Therefore, more attention should be given to such area in teaching, so that teachers and learners can have better communication skills in interacting with native speakers.

 The committee members were:

  1. Professor Ahmad Atawneh, Supervisor
  2. Dr. Nadia Qawasmi, External Examiner
  3. Dr. Ahmad Salamin, Internal Examiner

The committee approved awarding  Mr. Nihad Qabaja an MA in Applied Linguistics.