Hebron University participates in training workshop

Dr. Mohammad Farrah and Dr. Riyad Zahida participated in the training workshop which was held at An-Najah National University in partnership with Hebron University, Al-Quds University and Canterbury Christ Church University in Britain.

          This is within the Language Arts Project " Developing the Teaching of the English Language". The theme of the workshop was "Educational Change and Social Constructivism  in Education". This workshop is within a series of upcoming workshops the themes of which are:

-         Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

-         Modern Orientations in Measurement and Evaluation.

-         Using Educational Technology.

Training throughout the days of the workshop was carried out by the two experts: Richard Cullen, chairperson of the English Department at Canterbury Christ Church University, Britain, and Tony Mohan from Canterbury Christ Church University, England.

          The aims of the training workshop included discussing the importance of educational change in teaching English in a way which meets the needs of society and the relevant schools and institutions, and the importance of the cooperation of the universities in working in one mechanism in programs, course descriptions and course outlines for the methods of teaching English program in order to upgrade the university students away from memorization and to concentrate  on enhancing creative and critical thinking through enjoyable topics which are relevant to their lives. Throughout the workshop days a very rich scientific material was presented and it was applied through practical examples which were met with the approval of all the trainees and aroused their admiration.