Presentation and workshop on Excellence in Hebron University by Professor Kevin and Professor Keith

Professor Kevin Kecskes and Professor Keith Walters visited Hebron University campus meeting with the President and Academic Vice President and then had a presentation on Excellence.

They were received and introduced to the audience of Deans and Chairs and Faculty members by Professor Ahmad Atawneh, the director of the Excellence Center at Hebron University.

The presentation was about the situations of Excellence centers in the US in general and that of Portland State University in particular. It presented the roles of excellence centers on helping out to bring a change in the teaching practice towards better learning in view of changes in the world of teaching and learning, taking into account the development in technology. The audience of deans and chairs of departments received the presentation with great attention and interaction by raising points of concern here in HU and differences between the two cultures.

The workshop on research methods and publishing in English Journals attended by faculty members, deans and chairs as well was very lively and debated the issues of research and publications as essential role for the university teacher.