Hebron University Starts Workshops on Methods of Teaching Language Skills and Class Managemen

In coordination with the British, the English Department at Hebron University started a series of synchronous workshops on English language skills and methods of teaching them. The activities of these workshops will continue till Tuesday 12/7/2011 with a total of twenty-five training hours. The trainers in these workshops are Sue Magee and Jason Price who have extensive teacher training experience.

These workshops aim to prepare students soon to graduate from the English department by introducing them to ways of understanding English language that will help learners, and methods of teaching that allow students to comprehend English and practice skills in the classroom.

These workshops will include a brief introduction to the main skills that learners need to communicate. Trainees will be encouraged to focus on how they can enable learners to use English for meaningful communication.

This will include the use of English in the classroom, presenting new language, giving instructions, and how to stage a lesson. The training will incorporate methods that demonstrate ways by which teachers can maintain students’ interest and involvement.

Students from the English Department (fourth year students) and some teachers from the English Department and the Language Center will attend these workshops.