Teachers' Training Needs Assessment

As part of their efforts to assess the training needs of the social sciences teachers at ten universities in the WB&G, the MoEHE and Hebron though its leading role conducted the focus group of faculty members represented the seven universities in the WB on July 3rd 2011 at Hebron University between 10:30 -12:00. The focus group was facilitated by the project consultant Mr. Ziad Faraj. The participant faculty members discussed and highlighted the training needs of faculty members, the needs of the social sciences curriculum and contextual challenges encountered the programs at all universities and should be considered in the future interventions aiming at enhancing the quality of educational outputs of the social sciences programs at the ten universities. This workshop was conducted after the one conducted in Gaza last week for the three universities of Social Sciences programs (Al-Azhar, Islamic and Al-Aqsa universities).

The key recommendations of the two focus groups are:

  1. There is a need to enhance the level of knowledge and skills of faculty members in the fields of education theories, teaching methods and application of teaching resources adequate to the Palestinian environment.
  2. There is a need to review and restructure the social sciences curriculum to accomplish strategic educational vision and goals pertaining qualified graduates equipped with updated knowledge and skills in the SC field and the teaching methods and resources fields.
  3. There is a need to enhance the level of integration and partnership between the levels of schools, universities and the MoEHE to guarantee consistency, integration and parallel development of all levels towards the shared vision and goals.
  4. The window of opportunity for exchange of knowledge, skills, expertise, research findings, teaching technologies…etc with the Arab and Islamic worlds is very much needed. It is important to learn about other experiences as well as opening the labor markets wide before the Palestinian fresh graduates and teachers at schools or universities.