Workshops about Teaching Methods in Hebron University

Hebron University opens a series of workshops about teaching methods and developing the skills of speaking and presentations. The workshops will last for a week. The first workshop took place on Sunday 12th June 2011 at Hebron University. Dr. Theodore Way discussed methods of motivating students and critical and creative thinking. This comes as a series of workshops conducted by the English Department in cooperation with the US Consulate General.

50 students from the BA program in the English Department and 20 graduate students. It was also attended by a number of English teachers in the Hebron Governorate, teachers of English at Hebron University School, and faculty members from the English Department.

These workshops aim to develop the skills of BA and MA students and teachers, and to create a generation of proficient English teachers. The workshops will address issues related to; motivation, interaction, critical thinking, and research methods.