Cooperation between the Excellence center at HU and AUC in Cairo

A visit has been arranged between the Excellence Center at the University of Hebron and the Excellence Center at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Professor Ahmad Atawneh visited the AUC where he met with Dr. Aziza llouzy the founder and the director of excellence center  who explained the history of the development of their center and gave Prof. Ahmad all the publications of the center. The visit included attending a conference in Excellence focusing on methods of training University Professors in best ways of teaching practices. Such models of teaching are now available for the center of Hebron University.  The visit also included meeting with team members of the center including those responsible for teaching technologies and experts in of the pedagogy testing, evaluation, critical thinking, syllabus design and research in all aspects of teaching. Arrangements were made to exchange visits for guiding the development of the Hebron Center including free training for staff from Hebron University and the service of video conferencing with the staff at AUC.