Opening of IT Exhibition at HU

Under the auspices of Dr. Nabil Al-Jabari, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and with the participation big computer- pioneering companies and bookshops, HU launched its IT exhibition in the West Bank from Monday, the 21st to Thursday, the 24th of March.

At the beginning of the inaugurating meeting, Dr. Nabil Hassasneh, Head of the Computer Department, welcomed the guests and participants. Emphasizing the importance of such activities, Hassasneh stated the important role of the technological sector in the development of societies to cope with modern developments abroad. He also pointed out that the exhibition is a distinguished event since it includes the best and the most modern computer sets, hardware, software, computer accessories, books as well as lectures pertaining to IT from Arab and local universities.

In his speech, Dr. Nabil Al-Jabari asserted the role of Palestinian universities in the positive change occurring in societies. He stated that Palestinian universities should have a pioneering role in the technological revolution and progress within this age. He adds " I hope I can see products having 'Made in Hebron' or 'Made in Palestine'. I hope Palestinian people become independent and liberated, and Jerusalem liberated from occupation that attempts to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the alleged Third Temple.

I hope Palestinian National authority can assist students, not only with their tuition fees, but also financially to improve their standards of living. A large number of Palestinians started to think selfishly in a way which has nothing to do with the authentic Arab Islamic traditions. It is time to say 'People want freedom, independence of a Palestinian state in which people can live freely and have their rights for a prosperous  future.' It's time to put an end to division and to release all prisoners in Gaza and the West Bank. We should talk, debate and agree at the end."

Lectures were presented later on. It's worth mentioning that the exhibition as well as the lectures that have to do with different topics of IT will last for four days.