Defense of an MA thesis at Hebron University

The MA thesis of student Shifaa’ Hussein Younis Amr from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Program of Natural Resources and Their Sustained Management, was defended. The thesis is entitled: “The analytical characteristic of the different production systems for sheep and goats in the West Bank (north and north east the Hebron Governorate.”

The study discussed the various methods for raising sheep and goats in the areas of Helhoul, Bani Nu’aim, Beit Ummar and Sa’ir. The student compared the social and economic systems by which intensive raising, semi-intensive raising and the external (the traditional) raising are undertaken in the area of north and north east Hebron. The study indicated that raising sheep and goats is undertaken in order to get meat and milk which is sold as fresh milk or making cheese, butter and dried yoghurt (laban jameed) out of it. Also we can benefit from the wool and hides of sheep and goats. At the end of the study the student discussed the economic revenue and profit which are obtained by those who raise sheep and goats in these areas.

The student successfully defended her thesis which was discussed by a committee consisting of:

Dr. Tala’at Abu Rajab: Supervisor and Chairman

Dr. Abdul-Hameed Al-Barghouthi: External Examiner

Dr. Ayid  Ghalib: Internal Examiner