Oral Defense of an MA Thesis at HU

An MA thesis, entitled "The Poetic Image Within the Poetry of Ibn As-Sa'ati" was defended successfully. The thesis was prepared by by Siham Radi Mohammad Hamdan from the MA program of Arabic Language and Its Literature at the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The study explores the concept of image and its types as perceived by modern criticism; it also tackles the types of images (single, compound, whole and sensational) and presents the features of image in Ibn As-Sa'ati's poetry. Such features include the use of motion, color, place and time. Moreover, the study investigates some sources of image including heritage, environment and scientific culture.

The thesis was defended successfully and approved by:

Committee members:

Dr. Hassam At-tamimi / supervisor

Dr. Mashhoor Khabazi / External Examiner

Prof. Ali Amro/ Internal Examiner